The 5 Best Pool Balls To Buy in 2023

Billiard ball set is very essential in any billiard game, be it a professional tournament or be it a leisure activity. The shinny and colorful billiard ball set can get you in a mood to play billiards real quick, therefore the best billiard ball set is one of the most essential billiard accessories in a billiard bar or at home.

When I started playing billiards, I used to go to a billiard bar where the ball sets were not looking shiny and good-looking. So, I decided to research the best billiard balls and decided to share this information so that everybody interested in buying a new set of billiard balls can make a wise decision.

It all boils down to one question i.e., what are the best pool balls to buy?

We have compiled a detailed list of the 5 best pool balls to buy, if in a hurry then you should buy the Aramith Super Pro-Cup TV Set because this is by every standard the best ball set you’ll ever have.

5 Best Pool Balls to Buy in 2023:

1. Our Pick – Super Aramith Tv Pro-Cup Pool Ball Set

Aramith is a company that is well-renowned for making supreme quality billiard balls and snooker tables. They are undoubtedly the best players in the market.

The secret ingredient behind Super Aramith TV Pro-Cup Pool Ball Set is that they are made from a material known as Phenolic Resin which is their trademark material that is tough and scratch-resistant which makes this set most durable.

They can last for even decades. 

Coming down to the price, though they are heavier on the pocket, but are quite a decent investment when it comes to the quality, passion, and feel of these beautiful billiard ball sets.

2. Aramith Pure Phenolic Pool Balls Regulation Belgian Made Billiard Ball Set

This billiard ball set is also from Aramith known as Aramith Pure Phenolic Pool Balls Regulation Belgian Made Billiard Ball Set. Like, the previous set the quality is also marvelous.

This professional pool ball set is also made from phenolic resin and supplemented by a Vitrotech technology which makes this set heat resistant, impact-resistant, durable, and enhances playability when it comes to playing. 


These pool ball sets can last up to 5 times longer than balls made of polymers or polyester.

The next thing to consider is the price, though they are from Aramith, but are not much expensive than the former one. One can enjoy the same entertainment and joy while having a less expensive set from Aramith.

If you are interested in Aramith pool balls that are affordable and durable then Aramith premium vs premier can help you to decide.

3. JAPER BEES Billiard Balls Pool Balls Billiard Set

If you are starting to play billiards and are interested in playing it for a long time then this JAPER BEES Billiard Balls Pool Balls Billiard Set is no doubt the best option you’ll get.

Apart from their beautiful appearance and feel, this pool ball set has some features that are also unique. This set has burn-spot resistance which means that your table felt won’t be having any impact by the friction which is produced by playing.

This pool ball set is durable and affordable.

The price is far less than the Aramith billiards ball sets, thus, making this pool ball set affordable and eye-catching at the same time, thus making them the best pool balls for home use.

4. Iszy Pool Table Billiard Ball Set Art Number Style

Next on our list is the Iszy Pool Table Billiard Ball Set Art Number Style billiard ball set. They are the same quality as the former one, made from polyester resin.

This pool ball set comes with an affordable price tag, but you can enjoy playing with this ball set because they are grade A deluxe quality. The visible art number on really bright colors makes it easy for anyone to enhance their focus while playing.

This billiard ball set is best for starters in the game.

Their price tag makes it very convenient for anyone to buy these and start honing up their billiard skills. It is also a great choice for billiard bar owners cause they are looking for something affordable cause they have to buy these in bulk.

5. Brunswick Centennial Billiard Balls

The final on our list is the most high-end and classy Brunswick Centennial Billiard Ball set for serious and die-hard billiard players, who have another perspective when it comes to playing billiards. 

This high-end billiard ball set is the most perfect and by every standard the best pool ball set that any passionate can dream of. They are made from premium grade phenolic resin and are vitrified giving these balls an accurate balance and hairline accuracy while playing.

The colors or numbers won’t fade because of their premium quality phenolic resin.

This is a choice for those passionate billiard players who are looking to enhance their playing experience and want to feel the true luxury in the billiards arena. Though they are the most expensive pool ball set, their lustrous color and standard of excellence make them the best billiard balls in the market.


Best Pool Balls – A Complete Buying Guide

In this era of choice, one has to decide after reviewing a lot of things when it comes to buying anything. Likewise, buying the best pool ball set is a hard decision to make even if you are a beginner or buying pool balls for the first time.

No need to worry, will make your decision easy and smooth.

What to consider when buying a pool ball set.

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1. Price:

When buying a pool ball set, there is a variety of billiards ball sets one can buy, but it a lot depends on the price. They can vary from $50 to $700 depending upon the quality and the brand.

Which set is better for you?

If you are just starting to like playing billiards in your free time then one can easily go with the JAPER BEES Billiard Balls Pool Balls Billiard Set or Iszy Pool Table Billiard Ball Set Art Number Style.

Both these sets are made from polyester material, and as an amateur player, one can easily satisfy the love for playing billiards. They have pretty good elasticity, balance and playability as well. 

However, if the case is the opposite and spends much of your time playing billiards then the Aramith Pure Phenolic Pool Balls Regulation Belgian Made Billiard Ball Set and Super Aramith TV Pro-Cup Pool Ball Set are best for you. 

Both these billiard ball sets are made from premium grade phenolic resin and have Vitrotech technology, which makes these sets highly durable, scratch-resistant, and easy to maintain.

When it comes to professionally playing billiards and making a name in this game, one can spend some bucks in top of the line billiard ball set which is the Brunswick Centennial Billiard Ball set.

This one-time investment can be durable for years to come, their features include hairline accuracy, heat resistance, and higher playability. 

 2. Durability:

It all comes down to one question, how often do you play billiards?

Well, the answer might be different for different players. 

For instance, if you play these sports for a time pass then a cheap billiard set can do for you. Although you won’t enjoy the standard of playing, affordable pool ball sets can pass your time well. These ball sets are not that durable, you may see the color fading, scratches appearing, and loss of control.

Now, if you like to play for 4 to 5 hours on average then a premium pool ball set might be the best option for you. Their material, technology, and features make these ball set highly durable, elastic, and scratch-resistant as well. You don’t have to worry about the fading, scratches, and loss of control.

3. Elasticity:

One phenomenon in any cuesports refers to elasticity which, in simple words, is the transfer of energy from the cue ball to the object ball.

The more the elasticity, the more control or accuracy during the game you can enjoy. All the premium billiard ball sets are elastic which can amplify your playing experience. On the other hand, one cannot enjoy playing with the less elastic ball set because they lack accuracy.

4. Materials:

There are two types of materials; polyester and phenolic or synthetic resin when it comes to billiards ball sets.

Aramith and Brunswick use phenolic resin in their ball sets which makes them stout, resistant to scratches, chipping, and fading.

Cheaper ball sets, in comparison to premium ones, use polyester to make them, thus one can see the balls fading, scratching over time, and chipping over time.


It is a fact that all pool ball sets will deteriorate or lose shape over time, but one can spend money for once to buy the best billiard balls set instead of spending money recursively on the cheaper ones.

The choice you have to make for yourself, we have given you a very neutral review and a buying guide to select the best billiard ball set.


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I am fond of all cuesports, and that is the reason why I made my blogging website to show people what kind of products can be utilized to enhance or improve your gameplay. All the reviews are neutral and personally tested things that I am suggesting to you.

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