24 Must Have Billiard Accessories in 2023

Playing billiards has never been this interesting with the presence of the best billiard accessories. Gone are the times when you could start playing a billiard game only with a table, few cues, and balls. Over time, the game of billiards has evolved drastically, and so have its accessories. 

If you’re all geared up to play a billiard game, it’s high time to look for a fair share of pool accessories and play better than the others. From a simple pool cue case to a wide table cover, there is a long list of accessories that will be your friend in need when playing any billiard game. 

For your ease, we’ve compiled a list of the 24 must-have billiard accessories with their immense importance in your billiard space. 


24 Must Have Billiard Accessories

1. Pool Cue Case

Best Pool Cue Cases


As the name suggests, a pool cue case is a protective case used to protect the cue and make it stand straight when not in use. Also known as a cue holder, it keeps the cue safe from external elements and its tip touching the ground. Several pool players also use the cue case to protect the tip of the cue, which usually gets thick over time. Whether you’re traveling with your pool cues or want to last them long, storing cues in a pool cue case is never a bad idea.

2. Tip tools

Cuetec Tip Tool


The tip of your cue can make or break the outcome of your shot. Over time, the tip or butt of the pool cue expands to some extent, making it difficult to strike the ball and resulting in miscues. 

But thanks to the amazing cue tip tools available that retain the shape of your cue tip back. A cue tip sharper does a great job of shaping the tip to a certain radius, while the scuffer scuffs it to have a firm hold on chalk and doesn’t miss shots. 

3. Retractable chalk holder

Best Retractable Chalk Holders


How does the idea of portable chalk sound to you? A retractable chalk holder can make your pool game a lot more convenient by saving you from finding the chalk after each shot. With the best billiard accessory, you can place all your chalks in one place and quickly find them during the game. And walk with them anywhere as they can also be attached to your clothes. For more convenience, some pool players also like to attach the chalk holder to their clothes through the holder clips. 

4. Retractable bridge

Best Retractable Cue Bridges


How many times have you wished to have a personal bridge for a cue game as if it’s your own? The retractable bridge is a type of removable attachment to the pool cue that helps in striking balls beyond reach. 

Also known as a bridgehead, it commonly comes with 6-9 grooves where the cue is placed. To make a shot, the player sets the cue on any of the grooves of the bridgehead and strikes the out-of-reach balls with utmost precision.

5. Shaft Cleaner 

Tiger Cue Shaft Cleaner


The curb appeal of a clean, white, and professional cue is no doubt a treat to the eye for every pool player. With a clean cue, you won’t be afraid of losing grip when making the shot due to slickness, dirt, or debris.

Hence, clean the cue with a quality shaft cleaner before every shot to increase their life.  

Using a shaft cleaner is easier than it sounds, as all you need to do is slide it over the cue from top to bottom. 

6. Extension

Best Cue Extension


An extension is a detachable attachment for the cue to extend its length. Using this, you can easily reach the distant balls on the table and make your desired shots. Since cue extension is a removable billiard accessory, it’s better to remove it from the cue after the game. 

The best thing about cue extension is that it doesn’t disturb other balls on the table due to its sleek shape. Most extension models can give an added length somewhere between 6-12 inches, more than enough to make long shots. 

7. Joint protectors

Best Joint Protectors


Buying a cue can be a serious investment, and you would never want to lose it because of improper care and maintenance. A joint protector is another helpful billiard equipment that is fastened to the cue, protecting it from external damage. It mainly helps to maintain the shape of the cue tip so that it remains sharp, scuffed, and lasts longer than average.  

8. Billiard Gloves

Best Billiard Gloves


There are a number of indoor sports where you have to wear gloves, and Billiard is one of them. But, there’s a clear difference between billiard gloves and other gloves, which is why having a pair of these is a good idea. 

Billiard gloves have space for 3 fingers so you can have a stronghold on the cue stick and target the balls. As the gloves are made of high-quality fabric, you won’t feel sweat or friction between your fingers, which could cause you to miss a shot.

9. Hand chalk

Best Hand Chalks


Billiard games depend on the accuracy of shots which can only be achieved if you’ve got a strong grip on the cue. Unfortunately, the sweat and moisture produced between fingers may often slip the cue, resulting in miscues.

Although gloves do a great job keeping the hands dry, not every player feels comfortable in gloves while playing Billiards. Therefore, it’s always useful to have a bag of crushed hand chalk to rub your hands before every short. 

10. Brush

Best Pool Table Brushes


Many expert pool players prefer cleaning the felt of the table before the game. A clean feel can greatly reduce friction between the balls and allow them to move smoothly across the table. This is why felt requires cleaning every once in a while. 

To clean a felt, use a horse brush with soft bristles and gently rub it over the surface. Only a proper cleaning can get you rid of all the dirt, debris, and chalk powder residue, making the felt look new every time. 

11. Training Cue Balls

Aramith Training Pool Ball


Not everyone is an expert when it comes to playing pool. Keeping this in mind, training cue balls can be an effective way for beginners to learn the art of dealing with other balls. Training cue balls have special measurements marked on them, making it easy to identify the easiest shot possible. 

This is why many pool players carry their training cue ball along with them to every game. 

12. Ball case

Pool Ball Case


If you’re a pool player, you probably know the struggle of keeping all the cue balls in one place, which becomes easy with a ball case. Whether you’re traveling or switching tables frequently, storing cue balls in a protective ball case lets you focus on the game rather than finding balls. With the modern design of the ball case available, you can now store multiple cue balls in different slots when not in use. 

13. Pocket reducers

Practice Pro Pocket Reducers


Accessories like pocket reducers are a big help for players to hone their playing skills in the cue game. As the name says, pocket reducers reduce the size of pockets to improve preciseness and accuracy in the shot. As a good rule of thumb, use pocket reducers only once you’ve mastered to sink simple shots.

14. Table Cover

Best Pool Table Covers


No professional pool table is complete without a good quality pool table cover. Not only does it protect the table from the mess, but also helps stand out from the rest and attract players. When choosing a pool table cover, make sure to explore options in color, size, and design that best fit your table.

15. Felt cleaning spray

Cue Silk PTC Pool Table Cleaner


Regular cleaning and maintenance of the table felt can ensure its peak performance during the game. The role of felt is to allow the balls to glide smoothly across the table and fall right in the pocket. 

However, cleaning felt is easier than ever before with the aid of felt cleaning spray. All you need to do is spray it generously on the whole felt and wipe the residue with a clean cloth instead of brushing.

16. Magic Rack

CueSports Magic Ball Rack


What can be better than having all your targeted cue balls in one place? Thanks to the magic rack that holds the cue balls inside, you won’t have to waste your shots trying to hit different balls. 

It is a triangle-shaped billiard accessory that arranges all the balls in a definite pattern which can do wonders in games like 8-ball, 9-ball, and 10-ball pools.

17. Storage Bench

Best Storage Benches


A storage bench is the ultimate go-to solution to all your problems regarding storing your billiard accessories. From pool cues, balls, racks, and extensions to anything you want to store safely, a storage bench is a must-have in your billiard room.

However, most of the storage bench is made up of sturdy material like wood to offer durability and resistance. Interestingly, you can also use a storage bench or sitting purpose by folding it upright down. 

18. Pool cue rack

Pool Cue Racks


Without a doubt, the pool cue rack is the most stylish addition to our collection of billiard accessories. It has multiple slots to fit all your cues safely, protect them, and keep them in the best possible condition. Don’t stick with one type of cue rack but explore different varieties from floor models to wall mount ones, available for players’ convenience. 

19. Spare tips

Pool Cue Tips


Regular hits can lead to damaged cue tips that may break, chip, or wear out between games. That is why having a few spare tips at the back can save you from such last-minute problems without letting anyone know. 

All you need to do is replace the damaged cue tip with the new spare tip and give your best shot in the game. When choosing a cue tip, don’t forget to consider the material of your cue, size, and sharpness of the tips. 

20. Scoreboard

Pool Scoreboards


Billiards is a game of scores that speaks volumes for the need to have a scoreboard. Having one in your billiard room can help you easily note the scores of every player. A colorful scoreboard at the front also helps players make shots accordingly and fetch more scores than the opponent. With a diversified variety of scoreboards available, try to be creative in choosing one that goes perfectly with the color and theme of your room. 

21. Break Cue

Best Break Cues


To break the myth, a pool cue and breaking cue are different accessories used for distinct purposes. The best break cues are used to make the first break shot which scatters the ball, while the pool cue helps make all other shots in the game. 

Compared to the pool cue, the break cue is made a little harder with carbon fiber and has a thick shaft in between the ferrule and butt of the cue. As obvious as it sounds, the thicker the shaft will be, the better you’ll make the break shot.

22. Pool Cue Tip Repair Kit

Tweeten Deluxe Cue Tip Repair Kit


Playing with a damaged cue tip can be the ultimate deal-breaker in your game. When the cue tip is a little out of shape or chipped away from the cue, it’s time to give it a quick repair. 

With a handy cue tip repair kit, you can sharpen, polish, and retain the shape of the tip back like a pro in no time. As a best practice, check all the items in the tip repair kit, so you don’t miss one or the other when buying. 

23. Pool table lights

Pool Table Lights


Having attractive and colorful pool table lights above your billiard table can double your joy of playing a pool game. Not only does it add a style element to where you play, but it also increases visibility to make precise shots of balls. Since these lights hang above your pool table, it’s better to choose a set according to your table size. You can also check out the different interesting sizes and shapes available in the pool table lights.

24. Ball case

Ballsak Pro Ball Case


The simplicity of a ball case can attract anyone to keep one with themselves. Unlike the ball rack, it has a pouch-like shape with space to store only one ball. Most of the time, players keep their training ball in the ball case and take it everywhere they go. 

It is extremely lightweight, compact, and made of high-end quality fabric to protect the training ball from external wear and tear. Luckily, the ball case also features a clip so you can hook it anywhere to your clothes or belt when not in use. To meet demand, they come in different sizes, shapes, and colors so that you can have the ideal pick, even on a shoestring budget.


Here we are at the end of the 24 must-have billiard accessories to set up a professional billiard space without spending a fortune. Instead, buying them is a one-time investment to make playing billiards a heck of fun for every beginner to an expert-level player. 

Make the best use of these unique billiard accessories and give your best in the game while maximizing your winning chances. If you enjoyed reading this article, don’t forget to stay tuned with us and learn more interesting things about billiards.

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