How to clean pool Balls?

How to clean Pool balls?

Billiards is a great source of enjoyment and recreation for all the young people. Pool balls become yellow due to dust of the environment and grease from the hands of the players. Dirty pool balls make the target difficult to hit. This is the reason pool balls need to be cleaned and washed properly so that they look beautiful and alluring to the players. There are many ways to clean the pool balls. Some of the methods are expensive and some are economical.

Using dishwasher solutions:

The first very easy tip to clean the yellow and dirty pool balls is simply to dip them in the solution of dishwash liquid. Leave the balls for about 5 or 10 minutes in the solution. Use lukewarm water for the cleaning purpose. Hot water may damage the material of the ball. Pool balls should be soaked in the dishwasher solution for a couple of minutes. This ensures the proper removal of the dirt particles from the pool balls. Scrubbing after soaking is recommended for the balls. Scrub will remove all the dust, dirt and oil particles from the yellow pool balls. The last step is drying. Drying after scrubbing is also suggested for the balls to avoid any blemishes of the liquid. Drying thoroughly also helps to make the balls oil-free. If the balls are not dried properly, the stains will give   the untidy appearance to the balls.  Some common household cleaning products can harm the structure of the balls. Refrain from using abrasive chemicals for cleaning the pool balls.

Using Baking soda:

One of the most common house-hold ingredients used in baking and cooking is Baking Soda. It also possesses some cleaning and bleaching properties. We can use it for the cleaning of the yellow pool balls. Use some water and baking soda to make a paste and then apply it on to the pool balls. It will fade out the yellow stains and helps to restore the original color of the pool balls. After applying the paste, clean dry the balls with a clean dry towel to remove any moisture which can become the cause of stains.

Cleaning the Polyester Pool balls:

    Some care is needed when cleaning the polyester pool balls. If very much hot water is used for cleaning them, they will be damaged. Hot water may cause cracks in the balls. You should not use cold water because cold water does not make them clean. You may use lukewarm water to clean these balls. You will add detergent in water. Rinse well in this soapy solution. Then make them dry with a clean dry cotton cloth to avoid any stains of water. There are many pool ball cleaners available at markets.

Using Pool Ball Cleaner products:

In the market, pool ball cleaners are available which are specifically suited for the cleaning purpose of the pool balls. Magic erasers are available at the market to clean and maintain the shine of the pool balls. We can also purchase the billiard ball cleaner to clean the highly tarnished and worn-out balls. Rubbing with micro-fibre cloth after the application of this cleaner is commended. This will give good results for very hard stained and yellowed pool balls.


Polishing the pool balls:

Polishing after the cleaning process restores the shine and appearance of the pool balls. Polishing should only be done for half a minute. Now the balls are grease-free and shiny to roll on the table.

Storage of Pool balls:

For avoiding the stains and yellowing in pool balls, proper storage cases are required. Carrying cases should be taken for storing the pool balls to avoid the incidence of UV rays, light, dirt and any particles in the environment. When the game is over, put the pool balls in the carrying cases. This will make them dirt and dust free and photooxidation can be controlled to some extent.


Some of the tips have been discussed to clean the dirty pool balls. Nobody likes to play with the dirty, tarnished, and oily pool balls. So, the balls should be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. The dirty yellow color of the pool balls become prevalent with greater usage. The pool balls should be cleaned. When they are used for more than two years, they must be replaced. Now cleaning would not help to restore them. Keeping the balls in proper storage cases would also add some time of nice appearance in the pool balls. It is also recommended to abstain from the use of very intense chemicals, bleach, and toothpaste. These things would become the total discoloration in the pool balls. Investment in the pool ball washing machine can also be a good option in the long term. The washing machine will efficiently clean the pool balls and ensure the proper cleaning. Shiny white pool balls enhance the temptation of your pool table. Yellow pool balls are seen ugly and do not lure the players towards the table. So clean white pool balls are desirable for players.


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