Aramith Premium vs Premier Pool Balls – A Comprehensive Comparison

Aramith was established in 1923 in Belgium, as chemical industry and turned out to be the best manufacturer of billiard ball sets after 1950. Aramith distributes its products in more than 100+ countries providing billiard enthusiasts with the best pool balls ever.

This all happened because of their consistent effort to improve their product. Their product is used in every professional billiard tournament. The reasons behind their unmatched quality are the material, the technology, and the hard standard they follow for each of their production lines. In return, their customers get high-end billiard balls that are highly durable, accurate, and provide enhanced gameplay.

From Aramith diversified production line, we have selected two billiard ball sets Aramith premier and premium to compare and let our audience know what to expect from these ball sets.

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Aramith premier vs premium pool balls:

Aramith Premium Pool Balls - Cuesportsguide

Aramith Premium Pool Balls

Aramith Premier Pool Ball - Cuesportsguide

Aramith Premier Pool Ball

Both billiard ball sets are phenomenal when it comes to roundness, durability, and performance. However, they have slight differences which we will be mentioning, but, in terms of price, both sets are made for players who are looking to hone up their billiard skills, thus making them the best choice for beginner or intermediate players.

Comparison Between Aramith premier and Premium Pool Balls.


Aramith premier and premium pool balls are not that much expensive as compared to their lustrous and high-end pool ball sets. They both come under the $200 mark which makes these sets very affordable for every billiard enthusiast. However, Aramith premium pool balls are a little heavier on the pocket than the premier pool balls set. This is because the former uses Vitrotech technology. So, for the billiard players out there looking to choose one from them, should choose the Aramith premium pool balls instead of the premier ones.


The materials in both these ball sets have been the same. As compared to other pool balls in the market, they are far better and snappier. Their roundness, density is supreme, however, the Aramith premium pool balls are better in terms of the technology used to manufacture them, thus making them better than premier balls.


The Vitrotech technology is only used in the Aramith premium balls. The premier ball set lacks this technology. The essence of this technology is to make the balls more impact-resistant, weather-resistant, and far more durable. The life of the pool felt is also enhanced because of the smooth finish of the balls which have Vitrotech technology incorporated in their construction. If anyone needs reduced wear and tear of their pool cloth then the Aramith premium ball set is the right answer for them.


Both pool ball sets have quite an eye-catching appearance with everything perfect in roundness and weight. The premium ball set has a glossier look than the premier ball set. The Virtotech technology which is used in their composition makes them look fresher and shinier than the premier ones. 


In a nutshell, Aramith premium vs premier, both are better than most of their competition and are really affordable when it comes to price. The durability which is offered by Aramith is exceptional which makes them a perfect choice for intermediate players or billiard bar owners. The technology, however, used in the Aramith premium ball set makes them a better choice by every means.

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