How to take care of pool table?

How to take care of your Pool Table?

Pool table is a very expensive and important member of any family. Pool tables should be cared for to ensure its longevity. Proper cleaning and maintenance are required for ensuring top condition of the table. Pool table is a grand and expensive investment. It should be protected for getting the endless enjoyment. 

Some tips can be followed to do proper care of the pool tables.

1.Use of cover: Always cover the pool table cover when not in use. The cover will protect the table from dust, sunlight and other damages.

2. Clean with a damp cloth: Clean surfaces with a damp cloth to remove any spills and stains. Clean leather pockets regularly with a soft dampened cloth.

3. Daily Brushing: Brushing the tablecloth will make it dust free. Always brush the cloth from one end to another in straight lines. Brushing should be done before and after every games.

4. Maintaining Cues: Store the cues vertically in a cue case. Maintenance of cues is also very crucial for precision during gameplay.

5. Environmental control: Maintain a consistent room temperature and humidity levels. Ideal humidity levels ensure the maintenance of pool table and felt.

6.Avoid Common pitfalls:

  • The pool table should only be restricted for playing only. It should not be used as a countertop. Avoid putting shopping bags on the pool table.
  • Do not sit or lean on the table. It would also disturb the leveling of the pool table.
  • Avoid drinks near the pool table. The liquid spillage will damage the wood of the table.

7. Avoid Smoking: Try not to smoke near the pool table. Cigarettes will produce the ashes which will damage the table’s felt.

8. High-risk shots will cause damage to the table. Players should avoid high-risk shots.

   These are some of the simple tips to keep the pool table in good condition.

Professional maintenance is also needed for proper care of the Pool table. But releveling and replacing the wrong components of the table is also required to maintain the optimal condition of the table. Always take the help of the professionals while shifting the table. Regular cleaning, maintaining temperature and humidity and professional servicing will increase the lifespan of the pool tables.


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