Snooker Vs. Pool Difficulty – Which Game Is Harder

Snooker Vs. pool has always been a hot topic to discuss among players. The never-ending debate about which game is harder has led to many conclusions from the late 19th century. 

As two of the most in-demand cue games, both snooker and pool call for a specific skill set, professionalism, and dedication to play. 

If you love playing these cue games or at least enjoy watching them, there’s more than a good chance that you’re curious to know about snooker Vs. Pool.

When it comes to snooker Vs. Pool, the voice of opinion, takes over the logical reasoning about the complexity of both the cue games. However, players believe snooker to be harder than the pool as it’s easy to pocket pool balls because of their large pocket sizes. Some also say that pool and snooker are equally easy to win if you are well familiar with the basics. Whatever it is, below we’ll tell you the right difference between snooker and pool, supported with facts and figures.

Learn about the differences between snooker, pool, and billiards.

Is Snooker Harder Than Pool?

You can never win any cue game unless you call yourself a pro in it. Given the clear differences between snooker and poker, having a leg up in these cue games has never been this easy before. 

Despite using similar equipment with few significant differences, both pool, and snooker work on a specific technique. Here’s a quick breakdown of all the other important factors that tell a clear difference between snooker and pool. 

  • Table Size

Having a proper note of the table size when playing any cue game is very crucial. According to the 2:1 rule, a snooker table is an average size of 12 feet by 6 feet. In contrast, the small and large snooker tables are measured 10 by 5 and 9 by 4.5 feet table sizes, respectively. 

The bigger the table is, the more difficult it will be for players to cover the whole surface. Due to this, snooker experts tend to prefer playing on the full-size table since they can make full use of their skills.  

In contrast, pool tables are generally of a smaller size, nearly up to 9×4.5 feet. The small size makes it easier for players to pocket balls with precision within short distances.

  • Ball size

The size of the ball plays a massive role in answering the question about snooker Vs. Pool. The difference between snooker and pool balls can easily be recognized by their respective sizes. In the pool, the standard ball size is measured up to 2 ¼ in diameter while it’s twice in snooker balls measured up to 2 ⅙. As obvious as it sounds, large ball sizes are easy to pocket, especially in larger pocket sizes. Apart from ball size, there are differences in pool and snooker cues, their appearance and tip size differ in many ways.

  • Pocket Size

When it comes to the difference between snooker and pool pocket size, there’s not much we can differ. Pool tables have six larger-sized corner pockets with wide openings, which are easy to fit in the pockets compared to the pool. 

While the pockets present in the snooker tables are larger than pool pockets. These are six in number and have rounded openings with an extended flat surface of ⅜ inches, easy to fit the balls. 

  • Different Skills 

The skills you possess for a game can make or break your winning chances. Due to large tables in snooker, players have to be precise enough while pocketing all the balls on the full-size table. Unlike the pool, it doesn’t require sheer preciseness but only targets the balls to the pocket. 

  • Game Rules 

The rules of the game speak volumes about the difference between snooker and pool. Both games possess a standard set of rules that’s important to understand before you try them. The pool has relatively easy game rules compared to snooker that needs lots of practice, learning, and skills. As a matter of fact, snooker is not everyone’s cup of tea, while you can play poker as a jack of all trades. 

What The Player Thinks About Snooker Vs. Pool

None of these factors can decide which of the above cue game is harder unless the player thinks the same way. Beginners are more likely to favor the pool at convenience and ease as it’s easier to ace. Whereas, experts might love winning in snooker games as it requires skills and sheer focus that not everyone has. 

If you look at the bigger picture, poker is great for players who are just starting out and trying to find their feet, while snooker can help you master billiard games and nail them. 

  • Cloth

There is a significant difference between snooker and pool cloth that is covered on their tables. As stated earlier, snooker tables are large, covered with baize that maintains a good speed of balls and increases resistance. While pool tables are covered with felt that can withstand heat and pressure but don’t affect the ball trajectory like in the pool. Great will be the ball trajectory; the smoother it will fall in the pockets. 

  • Scoring

When it comes to snooker vs. pool, the ease of playing and scoring is in favor of the pool. The difference between snooker and pool sets both games apart. If we compare, scoring is easier in the pool while harder in snooker because of its intricate game rules. The scoring in snooker is based on how many colored or object balls with different values a player pockets. In contrast to the pool, the scoring is pretty simple, depending on who’s the first one to pocket all the balls plus the cue ball. 

  • Penalties

Penalties are the worst nightmare of every player. In pool and snooker, the term is called four penalties and has a unique meaning. If you meet a foul in the pool, you simply lose your turn and quit the game as an end result. This is not the case with snooker. Since there are different types of fouls in snooker, the penalty points differ. A simple foul can give you up to 4-7 penalty points and reward it to your opponent. 


Here, we have put an end to the popular debate of snooker vs. pool so you can find your perfect match to play. Larger tables, smaller pockets, smaller balls, card game rules, and complex scoring make snooker harder than the pool. Whatever your favorite game is, don’t stop practicing and learning until you are a master of it.

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