Best Pool Cue Brands of The World

A question remains in your subconscious mind, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced player: “What are the best pool cue brands? ”

Different pool cue brands are manufacturing a wide range of Pool cues. The wood and the material of the cue stick may differ a lot. The way a pool cue is designed matters a lot, it can influence the game positively or negatively. We have covered a list of top pool cue brands in the world that provide the best pool cues in terms of performance, durability, accuracy, and aesthetics. 

Best Pool Cue Brands:

Let’s uncover the question about the best pool cue brands in the world.

Ariel Carmeli Cues:

Ariel Carmelli is a very popular cue maker who produces cues with extreme sophistication. They are known for their remarkable precision and balance. It is considered one of the best Pool cue brands. Ariel Carmeli cues are handmade cues that are very expensive but very durable and strong for the billiard game. 

McDermott Cues:

McDermott Cues are one of the top-quality brands in the World. These hand-crafted cues have ensured the highest standard of cues in the industry. The use of the latest technology, the finest woods, and beautiful styling has made McDermott a legendary name in the Billiard industry. McDermott also offers a lifetime warranty on their American-made cues. They are also the engineers and distributors behind another famous line of cues known as star pool cues. Star cues are high-performance cues with the addition of exotic woods with four-color overlays. Many popular names in the industry prefer this McDermott cue for playing the game. McDermott is working for more than a half century for producing these maple-made highly precise cues.

Meucci Cues:

Meucci cues are also one of the best high-performance pool cues in the world. It was started in 1968 by Bob Meucci. These are the efficient Pool cues by giving you strong hits by striving less. It also ensures lesser ball deflection. Meucci cues are liked and preferred by both professionals as well as beginners.

Predator Cues:

Predator cues were established in 1994. Predator Cues are one of the best Pool cue stick brands. Their characteristic feature is their low-deflection shaft technology. This feature helps the player to take control of the shots with high precision and accuracy. Predator cues are known for their carbon fiber designs and best pool cue balance. Players will make accurate shots as Predator ensures less deflection of the pool ball. Predator cues are one of the most expensive cues available in the market because of their cutting-edge technology. Predator is producing popular carbon fiber cue shafts and wooden shafts including the 314 shaft, Z shaft, Vantage shaft, and Revo shaft.

Predator Cues:

Cuetec cues were discovered in 1989. Cuetec cues are considered the most advanced quality cues available in the market. Cuetec is included in one of the high-performance Pool cue brands. The shaft of the Cuetec cues is made from Grade A plus North American Maple wood. Their shafts are covered with fiberglass or graphite which helps to make them straight and warp-resistant. 

Anti-wrapping feature of Cuetec cues unfolds the consistent performance and straightness. Cuetec cues are available in adjustable weights and tips.  Cuetec  Avid and Cuetec Cynergy are both popular series of Cuetec Cues. 

Becue Cues:

Becue cues were found in Italy in 2016. This uniquely designed beautiful cue is made entirely by hand. Becue cues are incredibly unique in their performance and design. The materials used in the manufacture of these cues are climate-tolerant. They are aesthetically pleasant and it is made so beautifully to maintain the label of Italy. Becue cues also have a Leonardo Balancing system to support the weight of the cue.

Lucasi Cues:

Lucasi was started 20 years ago by Jim Lucas. Lucasi cues are predominantly made in China. They come with a lifetime warranty against any other defects and warping.  Lucasi produces remarkable and high-performing cues that are not lesser in beauty, stroke, and ball control. Lucasi cues are the true achievement of fine craftsmanship, special inlays, and a high performance-to-cost ratio. Another very important line of economy pool cues Lucasi makes is Rage pool cues. Rage cues are manufactured with classic maple wood, leather tips, and chip-resistant fiber ferrules at a phenomenally low price. The players trust Lucasi as the best Pool cue brand due to their durability, higher performance, and resale value.

Longoni Cues:

Longoni Cues is a brand in Italy. Longoni is producing high-quality Pool cues. The company was initiated by Alessandro Longoni in 1945, after the Second World War. Longoni cues offer a vast range of cue models to suit different playing styles and designs. Longoni cues pass through different quality control steps to ensure the desired standard and precision. 

Pat Devaney Cues:

Pat Diveney are hand-crafted cues created by Pat Diveney, a popular cue-maker in the United States. Diveney cues are made from exotic woods added with ivory and silver for beautifying the cues. Pat Diveney artfully makes these cues by working hard with a team of skilled workers to produce high-quality and beautiful Pat cues.

Pechauer Cues:

For more than five decades, Pechauer has given the best Pool cues to Snooker lovers by maintaining the higher quality and performance of cues in the industry. Made in the USA(Wisconsin), Pechauer cues are one of the most alluring and adored in the game of Pool.  Pechauer cues are hand-crafted and inlays are used and fixed without any flaw to ensure long-lasting quality and performance.

Player Cues:

The production of Player cues is associated with the United States and Canada. Player Cues manufactures top-quality cues for beginners as well as Professionals at economical prices. Player cues are preferred for their straightness, best quality, and low-deflection technology.  Player cues come in stunning and attractive designs. Player cues offer a lifetime warranty against any damages.

Purex Cues:

Purex cues are manufactured in the United States. Purex cues are known for their durability and performance because of the use of solid wood in their manufacture. They are available in beautiful designs to make them attractive. Purex allows its users to play with precision by providing lesser deflection to the Pool ball. Purex cues are quite economical compared to the other high-quality brands of cues in the market. They are also available in different weights to suit the choices of the players.

Jim Pierce Cues:

Jim Pierce Cues is a cue maker from California. He started making his cues in 1997. He manufactures a limited quantity of cues in a year. All the work involved in the manufacturing of the cues is done by Jim himself. If you want to get a Jim cue, you have to contact him first. He prepares stunning, beautiful, and high-performance cues. Jim produces cues according to the demands of his customers.

Joss Cues:

Joss is an American family brand. It took its start in 1968. They are hand-made traditional cues. Joss is considered in the group of best Pool Cue brands because of its cue performance and durability.  They are distinguished for their solid hit and consistent performance.

Koda Cues:

Koda cues are manufactured in the United States. Koda cues are available in traditional and classic designs. Koda cues are available at affordable prices. Koda cues are the natural choice for perfect playability and precision. Koda cues are available in different colors which make them eye-catching for the players.  They offer a limited warranty for defects and issues.

Tiger Cues:

Tiger cues are the true representation of the finest craftsmanship, high quality, and durability. Tiger cues started in the 1980s in the United States. Tiger cues consist of high-quality maple or cocobolo woods and have gone through a 5x patented laminated system which works great for the pool cue’s durability, accuracy, and feedback. Tiger cues are available in appealing designs and customized styles.

Viking Cues:

Gordon Hart started Viking Cues in the 1960s in Wisconsin. The exceptional feature of Viking cues is their innovative finger joint assembly which guarantees straighter hits and dimensional stability of the cue during the play. Viking cues perform like a single piece of wood. In addition to its excellent performance, it is one of the elegant and beautiful Pool cues.

Valhalla Cues:

Valhalla cues were made in the 1960s exclusively in the United States. Valhalla cues are produced by the same engineers involved in producing world-famous Viking cues. Valhalla cues are unique in terms of inlays and performance as compared to Viking cues. They come with a lifetime warranty against any defects. Valhalla cues are perfect,  powerful, durable, and classic maple cues.


Schon Cues are known for their unique and distinctive designs. They are handcrafted with precision and attention to detail, resulting in cues that offer excellent performance and aesthetics.


In conclusion, these top pool cue brands prioritize innovative design, superior materials, and meticulous construction to provide players with enhanced accuracy, power, and playability. They understand the importance of precision and control in professional-level play, and they offer cues specifically designed to meet those demands. Whether you are an experienced player or just starting out, investing in a cue from one of these top brands can significantly elevate your game and enhance your overall pool-playing experience.

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