Best Snooker Cues

Best Snooker Cues

 Snooker cues are long and thin sticks used to hit the balls. They are mostly made of wood, with the most common woods used being ash and maple. The tip of the Snooker cue is made of leather, and it is used to strike the ball, while the shaft is a long thin section that attaches the tip to the butt.

Snooker cues come in a range of lengths, widths, and styles with some cues having very special designs and patterns. No matter how perfect you are at playing Snooker, the quality, and tip of the Snooker cue play a significant role in becoming a pro. So, choosing the right Snooker cue is important for the accuracy and performance of the players. Having the best Snooker cues is very important for avoiding missed shots and maintaining consistent play. In the market, many cue-manufacturing companies are selling Snooker cues. A snooker player should have a proper idea and knowledge about the quality and accuracy of Snooker cues for professional players.

Foremost, it is very essential to know about the factors to consider when buying a Snooker cue.

Factors to Consider when choosing a Snooker Cue:

Choosing the right cue is very important for the performance of the Billiard player. When you choose the right cue, this will also affect your gameplay. There are many brands which are considered the best in making of Snooker cues. The skill level of the player also matters in selection of the cue. It should also be considered that the player is at beginner or professional level.

Cue Length: : The standard length for Snooker cues is about 57-58 cm. This is suitable for most of the players.

Cue tip and Size: Cue tips and size are very important and essential for the best shots. Cue tips are very important because it is the place where magic happens, and an impact is created on the ball. Its standard size is 9.5 mm to 10 mm. More skill is needed to handle the smaller tips. Smaller tips add more speed to the ball. Soft tips are recommended as they create more impact on the ball. Harder tips increase the chances of miscuing when ball is hit from the center.

The Tip weight: The Snooker cue tip and hardness also matters a lot when buying a Snooker cue. Lightweight Snooker cues allow for more control and precision. Heavyweight Snooker cues are best for power shots.

Balance point: A well-balanced cue is always easy to control and play the shots.

Shaft material: Snooker cue shafts come in many woods, like ash, graphite, ebonite, maple etc. The shaft material directly influences the stiffness and overall performance of the cue. The weight and balance of the cue directly depends on the shaft material.

One-piece vs. Two piece vs. 3/4 jointed Cue:

One-piece cue is recommended most of the times but its not suitable for traveling from one place to another. Jointed cues are very economical as compared to one-piece hand-crafted cues. Most professionals use one-piece cues but many of them use ¾ jointed cues as well. ¾ jointed cues are one of the options which gives superb performance and portability. ¾ jointed cues are the best Snooker cues as they offer different customization options.

This comprehensive guide will help you to decide the best Snooker cue. It covers the popular features of cues available in the market. The best Snooker cue in your hand will give you splendid performance and precision. Let’s have a look on some of the best Snooker manufacturing brands in the world.



1. CUESOL 3/4 Jointed Snooker Cue

Snooker cues manufactured by CUESOL are known for their high quality and precision. CUESOUL Snooker cues are made from high phenolic resin. Phenolic resin is also used to produce Snooker balls. It is used to produce the best Snooker cues because of its ability to withstand repeated impact without cracking and chipping.

CUESOL balls are the top choice for players who require precision, innovation, and style in the game.

This four-piece cue comes with four durable and resilient splices, and the mini butt is made with walnut to maintain its strength. Its tip size is about 9.5 mm in size to hit the most accurate shots. CUESOL s recommended due to its durability, performance. It is the perfect choice for Billiards pros. 

2. BCE Snooker Cues-HER -300 Snooker Cues:

BCE Snooker cues are good quality Snooker cues. They are known for their quality and economical prices. They are made from materials like ebony and maple, which ensures their strength and longevity. Their affordable prices are making them more popular among beginner and intermediate players.

Their tip is made of leather which gives them a great grip and balance. BCE Snooker cues are also well-balanced and comfortable in the hands of the players.

BCE Snooker cues are a good choice for beginners as they are available in different sizes so they can become comfortable in selecting the size for their convenience. Leather cases are used for the protection of any wear out to BCE Cues. There is a soft inner lining inside the cue case to avoid any damage during the transportation of the Snooker cues.

3. Mark Richard 3/4 Piece Hand-made Snooker Cues:

Mark Richard Cues are one of the best Snooker cues that strike accurate shot. The weight is excellently balanced to provide accuracy. These cues are designed with a tapered shaft, which makes the stroke smooth. The players may not need to shape the tip of the cue as it’s ready for use right after getting out of the case. Its length is 57” while its weight varies from 18 to 19.5 oz. It comprises a butt and a telescopic extension to create help for the player.

This best Snooker cue comes with a leatherette case which helps to protect it from various damaging factors. The artistic appearance of this best Snooker cue makes it attractive in the eyes of the players. Their intricate inlays and decorative details make them attractive and stand out from other cues available on the market. It can be termed one of the best Snooker cues for professionals.

4. BCE Two Piece Blue Mark Cue:

BCE Two Piece Snooker cues are known for their top-notch quality and adorable looks. BCE Blue Mark cues are also available in a wide range of weights like the other best-quality Snooker cues. It looks attractive on the pool table because of its exotic blue color and finish. It is available in a range of weights about 18-20 oz.

The premium-grade ash shaft of BCE Blue Mark provides great performance with a smooth and reliable stroke. Its butt is made of rubber which gives it an extra degree of protection. The two-piece Blue Snooker cues make it convenient and easy for the players to move it from one location to another.

5. Weichster 3/4 Snooker Cues:

It is one of the smartly designed cues in the market. This best Snooker cue gives its users an immense benefit by giving a tip size variable. By using this Snooker cue, you can select the size of the tip with a range of 9.3 to 9.5 mm.

It is made with 15 pieces, which adds more to its protection. It gives an overwhelming feeling to its user by giving a smooth stroke. Weichster Snooker cue is made with real wood, which ensures its greater strength.

It’s an affordable option. It is quite suitable for professional players. The casing is the only thing that needs to be focused on. It doesn’t help to manage all its extensions.

6. Riley metallic BLUE 2pc Cue:

This is a masterpiece having hybrid functions of being used in the pool and the Snooker. Its shaft length is quite suitable for the correct strokes. The tip is filled with 9.5 mm leather which gives precision in hitting the right point. It improves the gameplay of the players as it hits accurate shots. The 28” shaft gives an additional level of strength as it is made of brass ferrule ash.

It is manufactured to secure accurate balance with a center of gravity lying in the middle of the cue. This best Snooker cue is protected in a vinyl case. The case is made so wisely with a divider to keep the cue protected from damage. This case gives the Snooker cue to keep away the moisture and adds to its life. Rilley Metallic 2 pc Cue is one of the best choices for beginners because of its ease of use and affordability. The use of metal makes it resistant to warping and damage. It needs less maintenance as compared to the wooden cues.

7. Jonny 8 Ball Spider Cue:

It is a resizable cue with removable parts which are joined to make a cue. It is available in the market in many different brass removable weight rings giving the wielder full control over the characteristic elements. It’s very lightweight making it comfortable to use at a table. Its head joint is made of stainless steel.

The total length of the Jonny 8 Ball Spider is 57 mm. It’s a 4- jointed Snooker cue. The shaft is made of very good quality American Ash. It’s a resizable Snooker cue which makes it easier for the players. Its grip is relatively stronger than other Snooker cues.

8. Grand Handmade 58" Cue:

It is also one of the lightweight and unique Snooker cues. It is made to play the difficult balls by giving additional length to the butt. This cue ensures amazing play due to its lightness and quality. Its shaft is made up of very strong, reliable Canadian ash wood. It comes in the range of 18-20 oz. It has a casing of moisture-resistant material. This cue is excellently balanced, straight, and durable. It’s a 4 spliced black ebony best Snooker cue.

It is quite economical. It’s very easy to use and play the game.

BCE 2 piece Ash Pool Snooker Cue:

It is considered one of the best Snooker cues available in the market. It has a hybrid nature. It can be used in the pool and on the snooker table. The shaft is manufactured with very good quality North American ash like the Jonny 8 Ball Spider cue. The shaft length is approximately 28.5” and holds a 9.5mm leather tip on a brass ferrule. The butt is protected with rubber. It is also one of the best Snooker cues for beginners and professionals. This snooker cue was formerly signed by Jimmy White, but now you’ll have this cue with the signatures of Mark Shelby.

Riley Ronnie O Sullivan 2pc Ash Snooker:

These Snooker cues are available in unique designs and features, which are known for their strength and flexibility. It is available in different sizes and weights. Players can adjust the weight of the cue according to their choice. It is made from high-grade North American Ash wood. It has a very ideal tip of 9.5mm. This best Snooker cue is the choice of beginners. It possesses good weight and balance. It falls in affordable price range.

Concluding Remarks:

The best Snooker cue is obviously made from the best quality material. For choosing the best Snooker cue, players focus mainly on the right length of the Snooker cue, choosing the right tip and joint position and weight of the cue. Many Snooker cues are made to fulfill the basic needs of the Snooker players. The choice of selection of Snooker cues also varies for beginners and professionals. It is up to you to choose the best Snooker cue for your game. The selection of the best Pool cue primarily depends on the player’s experience and skills. Beginners in Billiards should try to choose light weight and easy to use Snooker cue. The comfort and accuracy in gameplay must be in mind when choosing the Snooker cue. Always check the cue before purchase, it should be comfortable with your arm and enhance your confidence. Proper cleaning and maintenance are also necessary for the sustaining the optimal condition of cues.

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