Best Pool table Brands

Best Pool Table Brands

People play Billiards  at homes as well as at Pool halls. This game is not handicapped by IT gadgets. Many Pool table brands are producing tables for family fun and professionals. The Billiard lover would choose the best Pool table for himself. When buying a Pool table, It is very much necessary to have some knowledge about its quality, durability and longevity. Budget goes very significant in choosing the Pool table. A high-quality Pool table will go your way for decades.

China is the world’s most  renowned manufacturer of pool tables. Europe wins second number in the production of Pool tables.

When buying a Pool table, take care of the following things.

  1. Dimensions
  2. Pool table felt quality
  3. Table materials and accessories

Top Pool Table Brands:

American Based Pool table Brands:


Brunswick is known for their highly consistent and accurate Pool tables in the world. John Moss Brunswick, started the company in Ohio. Brunswick Corporation, based in Metawa, Illinois, manufactures many recreational products. Brunswick manufactures highly consistent and accurate pool tables. Brunswick produces tables with extra care and innovative ideas. Brunswick uses high-quality hard wood and professional grade fabric . Brunswick is the choice of company owners, jetsetters and famous athletes during the past few centuries.

Top Brunswick products are :

  1. Brunswick Glenwood8ft pool Table: It is a customized pool table by Brunswick. The players can select styles and designs of their own choice. 
  2. Black WolfPro: It is one of the most alluring pool tables by Brunswick.
  3. Brunswick Allenton Pool Table : It is among the most affordable pool table manufactured by Brunswick.


Olhausen comes in the list of well known brands of the world. It belongs to USA. It also has got recognition in the manufacture of tennis tables, shuffleboards and pool tables. Olhausen provides customized designs. Olhausen is known for its premium quality tables. Olhausen is famous for their exceptionally beautiful pool tables. Some of the best Olhausen Pool tables are :

  • Americana Pool Table: It is customizable with two-pocket options. It is available in many felt colors.
  • Hampton Pool table: It is made up of high-quality felt with many colors. A drawer is with it to hold the cue sticks.

Presidential :

Presidential Billiards,  based in Houston, Zimbabwe, as a partner. Exotic woods with hardwoods are the part of the production of Presidential pool tables. Presidential comes across one of the expensive brands of the world. Presidential pool tables are available in the prices of $4,000 to $7.000. Presidential uses expensive materials for ensuring its durability and precision. The top products of Presidential are:

  1. Presidential Silverton Pool table: It is made from exotic materials. It has a rustic appearance.
  2. Kariba Pool Table: It is one of the rustic and elegant pool tables by Presidential. It is in charcoal brown finish.
  3. Roosevelt Pool table: It is available in light-colored hardwood with metal accents. It is customizable.


Diamond Billiard Products:

Diamond Billiards started in 1987 in Louisville, Kentucky, producing high-quality Tournament Pool tables. Diamond Pool table is the choice of pros. The Diamond Pool tables come in the class of expensive ones. Their price ranges from $8,000 to $12,000.

The most preferred Pool tables for the sanctioned Pool Tournaments are Diamond Pool tables. Top products of Diamond Billiards are

  1. Diamond black PRC: It is one the most preferred table for many pros in billiards. It is best in playability.
  2. Diamond Paragon Pool table: It is best suited for tournaments. Its playability and quality makes it the best choice.
  3. Diamond Professional Pool table. It is one of the best offers by Diamond for sanctioned tournaments.

Great American Recreation Equipment:

Great Recreation Equipment is now owned by Beck companies. Formerly, it was operated by David Celani. This company manufactures long-lasting state of the art Pool tables. The prices of great American pool tables range from $3,000 to $ 4,000. This best pool table brand has been working for more than 38 years. American pool tables are built-in coin and non-coin models. The famous pool tables are:

  • Great American Pool table: Five-coin mechanism is built in this Pool table.
  • Great American Monarch Pool table: It is built without the coin-mechanism.
  • Great American Legacy Pool table: It features the rock-solid construction like the other Great American tables.

Plank & Hide:

  • The Pool tables by Plank & Hide are the best pool tables because of their playability. Plank and Hide was owned by the Empire. Their tables were outshined for both their attractive designs and remarkable craftsmanship. It’s a luxury and exceptional brand manufacturing durable and fashionable recreation equipment. The prices for these luxury Pool tables lie between $4,000 and $6,000. Popular Plank and Hide Pool tables are:
  • Plank and Hide Otis Pool table: It is best for serious pool players. It possesses all the qualities of the best pool tables.
  • Plank & Hide Eldorado Pool table: This model is a part of the vintage series of Plank and Hide with curved legs along with leather pockets.
  • Plank & Hide Axton Pool table: It is made with high-end K66 rubber in the bumpers. It looks like a mix of vintage and modern series.

FAT CAT Pool Tables:

Fat Cat is jointly owned by GLD based company based in Milwaukee. This brand is famous for making bar game equipment. Fat Cat manufactures very economical tables. Fat cat also provides a multi-Pool game table. Multi Pool game tables combine other games like table tennis with billiards in one table. Fat Cat provides very low priced and exquisite pool tables at the price of $600 to $1200.

Some of the outstanding products by Fat Cat are:

  • Fat Cat True Shot Pool table: It contains all the features of pricey Pool tables at affordable prices. Fat Cat pool tables have leather pockets and pearlized inlays.
  • Fat Cat Phoenix Pool table: It is a portable pool table suitable for limited space.
  • Fat Cat Reno Pool table: It provides high-quality features at lower prices.It has solid wood pockets.

Connelly Pool Tables:

  • This is one of the best of the best brands that manufactures customized Pool tables on order. Connelly has been in the billiards equipment manufacturing industry for more than 70 years. Buyers are free to choose the pocket styles, size etc of their own choice. These are one of the best pool tables by Connelly. It gives a choice of selection for finish, wood types and cloth cover.
  • Competition Pro: Competition Pro is a modern-looking pool table. It is ideal for competition use.
  • Scottsdale Pool table: Scottsdale has got an elegant look. It has French style pockets. It shows off excellent playability with a thick 1.25-inch tournament grade slate.


  • Playcraft pool tables are well suited for family use. Play craft has been manufacturing the best pool tables for more than 70 years. Playcraft manufactures pool tables for outdoor use. Playcraft manufactures very affordable pool tables. Playcraft pool tables meet all the required standards. Playcraft pool table prices range from $1,000 to $ 4,000.
  • Best Playcraft pool tables are:
  • Glacier Pool table:It is a combination table. It can be used as a dining room and pool table.
  • Extera pool table: It is manufactured to protect from environmental factors. It has anti-rust coatings and weather-proof cloth.


  • Imperial Pool tables give a higher range of options for billiard lovers. They manufacture stylish pool tables, traditional to stylish. This company gives you a higher spectrum of pool tables than any other company in the market. They provide customized pool tables according to the client’s choice. Imperial uses high quality woods like Acacia, Ash and Fir. Their prices range from $2,000 to $7,000.
  • Some of best-selling products of Imperial are:
  • Imperial Laredo Pool table: It is made for farmhouses. It possesses quality materials in its construction.
  • Imperial Rasson Challenger Pool table: It is a very high-quality pool table. It is best for commercial use.
  • Imperial Eliminator Pool table: It is one of Imperial’s best pool tables available at lower prices. It can be used as a commercial pool table.


Hathaway manufactures low-priced and best quality pool tables. It is a brand of affordable pool tables. Hathaway manufactures functionally the best pool tables. Although Hathaway tables are not that elegant. Hathaway is more focused on performance. Hathaway pool tables are made from readily available engineered wood and melamine. The price of Hathaway tables ranges from $600 to $ 2,000. The best products of this brand feature waterproofing and environmental resistance, ideal for outdoor usage.

The best Pool tables of Hathaway are:

  • Hathaway Mirage pool table
  • Hathaway Augusta Pool table
  • Hathaway Excalibur Pool table

Empire USA:

Empire manufactures the finest high-quality pool tables. Empire USA was launched in Montclair, California. Their prices range from $ 2,000 to $ 5,000. They are made from hand-crafted solid hardwood. One problem with Empire USA is they do not manufacture customizable pool tables.

Best Pool tables by Empire are:

Empire USA Pool table SC-500: It is a non-customized table by Empire. It comes in two finish options and a single felt color.

Empire USA Pool table SC-514: It is one of economical options by empire. This is a classic pool table. It has 1-inch slate and leather pockets.

Empire USA Pool table SC-507: It is one of the customized pool tables by Empire.



It is one of the popular USA brands of Billiards. It was founded by Earl Fedrick in 1845.  These best pool tables’ price ranges from $ 2,000 to $5,000.  Valley deals in coin-operated pool tables. They also manufacture non-coin models. Valley is a simple, accurate and reliable pool table for the billiard lovers.

Top performers of Valley are:

  • Tiger Cat Bumper Pool table: It has adjustable leg levelers. It is durable with hardwood rails.
  • Panther Pool table: It is made to withstand any hard conditions of the environment. It is made from solid imported wood. It has also got a leg-leveler.

How we choose the best Pool table brand?

There are many well-renowned Pool table brands in the market. Some brands use very high-quality hard wood materials. Some deal in the manufacture of customized pool tables. Infact, your budget, your skill level and space all influence the decision of buying the pool table.  All the outstanding Pool tables consist of solid hardwood construction, K66 in their bumpers and 1-inch slate surfaces. 7-ft pool tables are used in tournaments and by professionals. The thickness of the slate helps in the decision of buying a pool table. The best pool table consists of 1-inch (2.5 cm ) slate. All the brands manufacture the best pool tables. You can select for home or professional purposes.

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