What is a Standard pool cue weight, length, and tip size? (Recommendations Included)

Many new players are still unsure of what the attributes of a standard pool cue are when they start playing. In the pool, curiosity is a good thing, which is why we created this article explaining the standard attributes of a pool cue, such as weight, tip size, and length.

A Standard pool cue weighs around 17-21 ounces and can have a length of 57” to 59”. The recommended weight of a pool cue can vary according to the table length and weight of the pool balls. The recommended length can also vary according to the height of a person.

Like any sport, cue sports comprise different game formats such as snooker, pool, American pool, Australian pool, billiards, 9-ball and more. If the formats are different, then the equipment used is also different, and thus the recommendations vary.

Understanding the significance of standard pool cue weight?

The standard pool cue weighs around 17 to 21 ounces. There are a few things to consider while choosing the weight of a pool cue. Different game formats require different cue weights. For instance, snooker requires a lightweight cue between 17-19 ounces as the balls are lighter and smaller. On the contrary, an American pool requires a heavier pool cue because the weight of the pool balls is greater than snooker balls. However, heavier cues are hard to play with and require a lot of practice to get used to their weight

What is the recommended pool cue weight for beginners?

As a beginner, the focus would be on enhancing your game with the right equipment that doesn’t require much expertise. From this perspective, the recommended weight should be around 17-19 ounces for a beginner player. In any game, a player can easily handle this type of weight without hindering one’s performance.

Understanding the correlation between a person height and a pool cue length:

The height of a person is a very crucial aspect when choosing a pool cue. There is no one size fits all type of situation. A short heighted person can’t handle a longer pool cue. Likewise, a person with more than 6 feet in height can’t play with a 48” pool cue. When a player takes a shot and the only thing in the hands is the end of the pool cue that means a longer cue will be required for that person.

What is the recommended pool cue height?

The recommended pool cue length for any beginner player is 57”, but again it also depends on the height of the person. Generally, for any player with 5 feet 4” to 6 feet height a pool cue having a 57” length would be sufficient.

What is the recommended pool cue tip size?

A standard pool cue can have a tip size from 11m to 14mm. This is again the personal preference of a pool player which tip size would work best. However, 12 to 13mm is the recommended pool cue tip size for any player.


In cue sports, a standard pool cue weight and size are set by the associations. However, in most cases, it will be the choice of a player to consider which tip size, cue length, and weight is perfect while playing and that pool cue will become the best pool cue for them.

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