Top 5 Snooker Players Who Scored Most 147s Breaks

Making a 147 break or maximum break is a dream for every professional snooker player to achieve. Going for the maximum break is not an easy nut to crack in snooker; it requires a lot of precision, dedication, decision-making, and grit.


What is a maximum break in snooker?

In simple words, it is the highest break a player can make in a single visit to the table. A player must have to pot all 15 reds with 15 blacks, along with all the colors on the table.


What is the importance of 147 breaks in snooker?

A player whosoever obtains these 147 breaks in any tournament is given a maximum break prize fund. For this prize fund, that player doesn’t need to win the tournament.


Top 5 players who have the most 147 breaks in their careers:

In 1982, Steve Davis struck 147 first time in a professional snooker tournament. Since then, the total number of 147s made are 166 in number.

Here are the top 5 players who have struck the most 147s in their careers.


  1. Ronnie o’ Sullivan:

Ronnie o’ Sullivan, AKA “The Rocket” has the maximum breaks in snooker. He has scored ‘147’ 15 times in his career. Apart from this, he is also the fastest player who has made 147 in just 5 minutes and 20 seconds.


  1. Stephen Hendry:

Next on the list with the most 147 breaks is Stephen Hendry. He is a Scottish professional snooker player and seven-time world champion. He scored maximum breaks in snooker 11 times in his career.


  1. Jhon Higgins:

Another player who scored the most 147 breaks in his career is also from Scotland. He also scored 147s eleven times in his career.


  1. Stuart Bingham:

An English professional snooker player with eight maximum breaks in his career is on the fourth spot.


  1. Ding Junhui:

Last but not least, Ding Jungui is a Chinese professional snooker player with six maximum breaks in his career.


There are certainly many other professional snooker players which are very competent and have a real passion for this game, but they haven’t achieved the top 5 places. However, these 5 players are the ones who have achieved this place with their persistence, hard work, and love for snooker, which has been ingrained in their blood.


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